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We are specialist advisers and are able to access numerous different Investment Providers to get product and / or  a Portfolio of Investments that suits your investment needs / objectives. 
Options Include:
  • Deposits
  • Tracker bonds
  • Insured Products-Unit Linked
  • With Profits Funds
  • UCITS 
  • Stocks and Shares( Access to share portfolios via Davy Select, Merrion and Cantor) Check up to date share prices and/or access your portfolio by clicking Davy Select tab below.
  • Davy Select
  • We also provide German property investments and tax based investments. For more information on these please see Specialist Investments.

Please be advised above are just some current examples from different product providers, and are for illustrative purposes only. We cannot provide/ give advice on these products until we get further information from you. See questionnaire below.

Please also note that  we do offer the option to you to pay for the advice we give. Generally we receive commission(at no extra cost to you) from life company/product provider we recommend, but there is the option  for you to pay us separately. Fees for this type of payment can be found in our terms of business, which can be located at bottom left of screen.

We will only make suggestions once we have identified your:

  1. Time Horizon   

  2. Attitude to Risk / Reward  

  3. Investment Experience  

  4. Tax Situation      

  5. Income Needs  

In order to narrow down somewhat the options we may offer, please complete our investment questionnaire, where you will categorise yourself in terms of attitude and experience and we will contact you with some current offerings. To help you with your decisions please have a look at our risk indicators below:
Level of Risk Indicator
Are you?
No Risk
Indicates a guarantee of capital
with the likelihood of a small gain
Minimum Risk Taker
Small Gain
Indicates a guarantee of capital
with potential for modest growth.
Low Risk Taker
Indicates a possible loss of some
capital in return for good potential
growth in medium term.
Moderate Risk Taker
High Risk
Indicates potential significant loss
of capital in return for potential
high growth.
Aggressive Investor
Higher Risk Tolerance
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