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Please complete life assurance/mortgage protection calculator below and we will email you the cheapest quote available.
Mortgage Protection
Whether you are getting a new policy, or want to review your current policy, contact us today for a quote with a 15% discount off the cheapest premium available for mortgage protection. With access to all the major life assurance/mortgage protection providers, we can get you the cheapest quote and apply an 15% discount. A 15% discount over the term of your policy could save you thousands of Euro. There are no costs in applying for cover/getting a quote. If we do set up a policy we will get paid a commission by whichever life company we set it up with, with no extra costs to you. 
 Terms & Conditions: Minimum premium €10/month,maximum sum assured €1,500,000. Offer ends 30th June 2021, 15% discount only applies to mortgage protection, not serious illness cover. Subject to acceptance/underwriting.
Note mortgage protection is available from as little as €10/month depending on age, sum assured, term etc..
If you are in the process of getting mortgage approval you will require mortgage protection to cover your mortgage in case of death/illness. Banks/lenders will offer you mortgage protection, but generally they will only offer you quote from one of the mortgage protection/life companies on the market. We have access to all the major mortgage protection/life companies on the market so can get you the cheapest premium available.  Contact us today for a review. 
Life Assurance
Prepare for the unexpected and leave those you love with one less thing to worry about...
We can guide you on how much cover you should have and then access the best value from a range of Insurers to suit your specific needs. Most providers have significantly reduced their premiums over the last few years, so if your policy was taken out over a year ago you may well be surprised by the savings Integrated Financial Services could make for you. See Ready Reckoner for indicative level of cover.
We will review and give advice on your current protection/life assurance policy. In the current financial climate life companies are constantly reducing costs of life assurance/protection, so call us today for a free review of your policy to see if we can save you money. Call us on 091530016 or get in touch with us via "contact us".
Health Insurance
Contact us today for a health insurance review. We can go through the different options on the market that best suits your needs. 
Avoid large hospital bills and long waiting lists by taking control of your health cover through a wide range of health insurance plans and innovative benefits. Switching and arranging health insurance is easy.
Company directors: Get your employees covered.We arrange company plans and can compare and contrast the different options on the market. We can also arrange meetings and sit in with HR to discuss options. We also can sit sown in canteen/staff area during lunch hour etc and discuss options/plans with employees. Many companies pay for % of plan e.g 50/50 with employee. This is a valuable benefit to provide for your employee as will save them on hospital costs etc should they become ill/have accident.

Permanent Health Insurance  / Income Protection
Have you protected your most valuable asset.....your income? Want to maintain your current lifestyle, while unable to work due to sickness and/or disability? We can get you the best quote on the market from the various providers. Note if you currently have income protection, due to recent EU gender directive 2012, women( who would have recently been charged higher than men) are now charged at same rates, so we can more than likely save you money on your monthly premium. 

Income protection video

Critical/Serious Illness Cover Cover your mortgage and provide general financial support for you and your family,should you suffer from a specified serious illness or become disabled.Over 19,000 cancer cases per annum from period 2009-2011. 12% of cases were aged under 40. Get illness cover today to protect yourself in case of illnesses such as cancer. For a monthly premium you can get a guaranteed lump sum payout if you suffer illness such as cancer(over 50 illnesses covered, please give us a call for further info.)

 Hospital Cash Cover

Pays you cash should you be hospitalised, usually after 3 days (first couple of days not covered) and compliments Private Health Insurance which pays the bills.

Personal Accident Cover
Covers you in the event you are unable to work because of an accident in the short term .

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