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Counterparty Risk
Warning: If Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank,Credit Suisse or AIB are not in a position to perform its role in the Bond as defined in the Terms & Conditions at maturity, this may impact either the Capital Protection or potential investment return payable to the investor.
Warning: Deductions for charges and expenses are not made uniformly throughout the life of the product, but are loaded disproportionately onto the early period. If an investor withdraws from the bond prior to end of term, the practice of front end loading will impact the amount of money that the investor receives.
Capital Protection

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Past Performance

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to the future.


Warning: The tax structures in these Bonds is based on our understanding of current Revenue law and practice which is subject to change without notice and does not constitute tax advice.



Warning: These figures are estimates only. They are not a reliable guide to the future performance of your investment.


Investment Term

Warning: If you cash in your policy before term of investment has finished, you may lose some or all of the money you invested.



Warning: The equities within the underlying investment strategy can be volatile.

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